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Become a GoDaddy Community founding member

It's an open secret: GoDaddy's developing a community platform. We envision it as a place where all of our customers can congregate to share insights and provide guidance to one another about developing a web presence - a forum dedicated to kicking ass online, whether you're a small business or an IT pro.

To make sure our community's built on a rock-solid foundation, we're looking for folks — folks just like you — to become founding members. You'll give us your ideas (which we promise to listen to!) about what would make this place amazing, as well as contribute content to get conversations started.

It's not an enormous amount of your time we're looking for (trust us - we know you're busy), but these founding members will work closely with our community team over the course of about 6 months.

Interested? Go ahead and sign up using the form below (we'll reach out in the coming weeks to those we take into the program):

Some of our Community founders are professional web admins; they're pretty jazzed about GoDaddy Cloud Servers. You should check it out.

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