Connect my website to non-GoDaddy domain

If you want to publish your GoCentral website using a domain not bought from GoDaddy, you'll first need to change some settings for that other domain.

This one-time change involves setting what's called an A record. Once it's done, your website will be available at the other domain.

Another option is to transfer the domain bought elsewhere to GoDaddy.

  1. Keep this browser tab/window open because you'll need to copy one of these IP addresses in Step 3.
    Use Nearest Server Location Enter IP address
    U.S. East Coast
    U.S. West Coast
  2. Log into your other domain provider's website and find where to change your domain's A record.

    If you have any trouble, contact that domain provider for support.

  3. Update the A-record by adding the appropriate IP address from the above table. Once you've done that and logged out, your website will be available on that non-GoDaddy domain.

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