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Create a product to sell a Multi-Purpose Voucher

After creating a voucher template, you can attach it to a product. When customers buy this voucher product, they will generate a voucher to use on any redemption product(s). Follow the steps below to create a voucher product.

Required: WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers is a premium WooCommerce extension included with WordPress Ecommerce Hosting or as a standalone purchase.
  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. Go to Products and select the product in question, or click Add new.
  3. Check the Has Voucher box.
  4. Select your template from the Voucher Template field.
  5. Note:For Variable products, configure the Has Voucher and Voucher Template settings for each variation. The variation name will be included in the voucher’s Product Name section. If your template doesn’t include Product Name, we recommend adding Product SKU to the template and setting unique SKUs for each variation.

  6. Update the Tax status field to "None", as multi-purpose vouchers can be redeemed for any product.
  7. Click Update.

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