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Customize a theme in WordPress

There are many free and paid themes available, but to get the perfect look, you may need to make some minor changes to the appearance of your theme. You may also need some minor content updates. You have two options for modifying a theme:

  • Call our support number and one of our experts can do it for you for a fee.
  • Do it yourself following the instructions in the tables below.

WordPress Premium Support

Our support experts can perform the following services for you for a fee::

  • Fix text formatting/alignment
  • Update text (phone number, address, company name, etc)
  • Swap images
  • Add plugin shortcode or google analytics tracking ID to a page
  • Update the position or color of the following parts of a theme:
    • Header
    • Footer
    • Sidebar
    • CSS
    • Background
    • Menu

Do it yourself

To do it yourself, see one of these steps Difficulty
Customize theme settings in WordPress Medium
Change the theme CSS in WordPress Hard
Update a WordPress theme with FTP Hard
Change the menu appearance in WordPress Hard
Change the footer in WordPress Hard
Change the header in WordPress Hard
Change the theme background color in WordPress Hard

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