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Customize my Advanced Email Security add-on

After you sign in to Advanced Email Security, customize your settings to meet your preferences.

Required: This article is for Advanced Email Security from Proofpoint. You can verify that you have Proofpoint by signing in and checking if there's a white header with "GoDaddy" displayed at the top of your dashboard.
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Use Security Settings to modify how you'd like to filter email and prevent malicious content.

SettingsWhat you can do...
Filter PoliciesCreate rules on how your email is encrypted.
Sender ListsEdit safe and blocked senders.
Spam SettingsEdit spam settings.
URL DefenseScan email links for viruses and phishing attempts.
Attachment Defense List individual email addresses whose attachments don't need to be scanned for malicious content.

Use Administration to manage your account settings and users.

AdministrationWhat you can do...
DigestsManage quarantine digest emails, what they include, and when and how frequently they're sent.
AlertsGet notifications if mail is unable to be delivered.
BrandingCustomize your branding and logo.
SMTP DiscoveryMonitor email sent using your domain name.

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