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Here's a list of essential articles for Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy. Use it to complete common tasks like setting up and managing your email accounts or using your Office apps.

Discover Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy

Learn about Microsoft 365 plan options.

Create my Microsoft 365 email account

Add an email account to send and receive mail.

Sign in to Microsoft 365

Check email and manage your account.

Set up email on my devices

Stay connected wherever you go with email on your mobile device or computer.

Get the most out of Microsoft 365

Forward your email, create aliases, and see other features that make email work for you.

Personalize my email account

Change your display name or create an email signature.

Keep my email account secure

Here’s how to reset a password and other ways to protect your email from malicious activity.

Install and use Office apps

If you have Business Essentials or Business Professional, your plan includes Office apps.

Explore email add-ons

Get even more from your email with Advanced Email Security, Email Archiving, Email Backup, and HIPAA compliance.

My email account isn’t working (troubleshooting)

Find out how to troubleshoot any errors you might encounter.