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Export your site database

WordPress uses a MySQL database to store the settings for your site. Export a copy of the database your site is connected to, so you can later import it into WordPress.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. In the Managed WordPress section, select Manage for the site you want to migrate.
  3. From this control panel, select Settings.
  4. Select Show more to expand the Production Site or Staging Site panel.
  5. Locate Database details and then select View.
  6. Copy the Username and Password.
  7. Select the phpMyAdmin URL to open a new tab.
  8. Paste the Username and Password that you copied in step 6.
  9. Select Go.
  10. Select Export.
    locate and select export
  11. In the Export section, select the database username. Be sure you don't select the schema.
    select the database name
  12. In the Save as file section, select the Save as file box.
    save as file location
  13. In the File name field, give your export a name. For example: sitename-database.
  14. Select Go to download the database SQL file.
  15. Make note of the table prefix. You'll need this in step 6.
    an image showing how to identify the table prefix

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