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Linux Hosting Guided Tour Part 4: Recap and what to do next

Our guided tour is complete! Along the way, you learned about:

  • Your Linux Account Dashboard. It's where you perform account-related tasks like adding more domains, viewing your server information, or changing your account passwords.
  • Your WordPress Dashboard. It's where you build your website—adding pages, posts and media, changing themes, and more.
  • Your cPanel Admin home page. It's where you can fine-tune advanced website settings like PHP settings and options or managing site security.

What's next?

Here's a list of important tasks to do for a great start:

Thanks for taking the tour!

This Guided Tour is a brand new experience and we hope it helps you get up to speed with your new Linux Hosting account. We'd love your feedback on the Tour! When you see the popup message, "Was this article helpful?" select Yes (or No, if that's how you really feel) and leave a comment for us in the box. We're really interested in what you thought of the tour and how you think we can make it better. Thanks in advance for the help!
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