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What's New in Websites + Marketing?

We’re excited to keep getting better all the time. Check in here or in the Community once a month or so to learn all of the newest features in the last few months.

Website Editor

Link photo gallery images (May 2021) Photo galleries add so much life and interest to your site. Adding links to your images makes them that much more useful. Add or change a photo gallery section. Make sure you choose one of the non-slideshow layouts. Select a gallery image, then scroll to the bottom of the editing section and toggle Add Link on. Like all other links, you can link to a page and section on your site, a website URL, a phone number or an email.

Add page templates (April 2021) Sometimes it’s much easier to edit existing content than start with a blank page. Try adding a new page to your site, and choose from a blank page, About page, Contact page, photo gallery page, or a list page (great for photos, menus or events).

Change your photo's shape (March 2021) You now have options anytime you add or replace a photo or edit a photo in a section (other than a photo gallery section). Look for the shapes above your photo when you edit or change your image. Make your image horizontal (landscape), vertical (portrait) or a circle.

Better represent your customers with diverse stock photos (March 2021 and November 2020) Now you can choose from 900+ new diverse images representing people from all backgrounds, ages, abilities, and more. Anytime you’re in your website editor and editing a photo, select Change image. Use the search bar to look for stock photos, and you’ll see more representation in your search results. Or search the word TONL to see the entire collection

Edit images in your Media Library (February 2021) Easily add overlays, text, shapes and more to your images right in your Media Library. From your Dashboard, select My Photos. Hover over any image (your image or a stock image) and select the pencil Edit icon. Then you can edit your photos right in Content Creator (just like when you create a social media or website image).

Add videos as a layer in an image (January 2021) New to creating a social media or website image in the Content Creator is the ability to add a video as one of your image layers. Videos you upload are in your Websites + Marketing account as part of GoDaddy’s partnership with Vimeo.

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Online store and Marketplaces

Try the new Carousel layout in Featured Products section (May 2021) Once you add products to your Featured Products category in your store, then you can add a Featured Products section. Or maybe you want to edit an existing Featured Products section. In addition to the Classic and Spotlight layouts, try out the Carousel layout.

Ship with Correios in Brazil (April 2021) Correios is the national postal center for Brazil, so we’re pleased to launch shipping integration for online stores. From your Dashboard, go to Settings and under Online Store, select Shipping. If your shipping location is in Brazil, you’ll be able to add Correios as one of your carrier-calculated shipping methods.

List products on Marketplaces in Canada (April 2021) Marketplaces connects your online store to selling sites, so you manage all your products, descriptions and prices from one central hub. Only available in the United States so far, we’re excited to expand access to Amazon and Ebay into Canada. Only available for sites with the Ecommerce plan (compare plans and pricing ).

Change payment and fulfillment statuses separately (March 2021) Usually a customer places an order, pays for it, and then the order is fulfilled, in that order. But life is messy and doesn’t always work the way it should. Now you can change the fulfillment status separate from the payment status, reflecting the way life happens in your store.

Manage your orders better on mobile (March 2021) Open your site in the GoDaddy app on iPhone or Android. Use the four squares in the upper right corner to open your Store. The Orders section has a whole new look and feel specifically for mobile, which makes your orders easier to view and manage.

Add an Out of stock label (February 2021) In response to your feedback and suggestions, we’ve added the “Out of stock” label to your store in the Product Gallery (where customers see all your products) in addition to the individual product level. Now your customers know before they click if an item is available or not – which helps them trust you more as a merchant.

Filter and sort your orders in new ways (January 2021) To make your life simpler, we’ve added a column that gives you the order status (to more easily sort out unfulfilled orders) and delivery method (shipping, local delivery, local pickup, Marketplaces, etc.). From your Dashboard, go to Store > Orders to see the changes.

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Add multiple appointments to the cart (May 2021) We’re pleased to announce this highly-requested feature. Before now, your customers could not book multiple services in one checkout. Now, they can! No action necessary on your part (except making sure you have an online appointments section on your site), but your customers will see the difference when they check out on your site.

Share your services on social (February 2021) In the last few months, we’ve added the ability to attach products to social posts and now you can share services in social posts as well. The easiest way is to start from your list of services. From your Dashboard, go to Appointments > Services. Select three horizontal dots icon and choose Social Share. Continue creating your post with text and images then publish or schedule for later.

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Social Marketing

Boost Facebook posts (April 2021) When you create a Facebook post, you want as many people as possible to see your post. Now you can put advertising dollars behind your post to get a broader reach to your target audience.

Post directly to Instagram! (March 2021) When you create a post, Instagram is now an option to post in addition to Facebook and Twitter. We are so excited, and we hope you are too.

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