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Company email builds
trust with every message.

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  1. Look professional with
  2. Industry-leading security, spam filtering and anti-virus
  3. Works with Outlook, Apple Mail and all the other top email clients

Key Features


Get only the email you want.
We stop spam in its tracks to keep your inbox clean. Our industry-leading spam and anti-virus filters block over 300 million unwanted, potentially dangerous emails every day.

Always stay in sync.
Our company email plans work flawlessly with smartphones and tablets, as well as your preferred email software. And when you read, move or delete an email on any device, it happens on all devices. No more deleting the same message two or three times.

Do more with small business apps.
With our Business Premium plan, you get the latest version of Microsoft Office, plus a suite of small business apps — everything from invoicing to bookings — to help you stay organized and save time.

Grow your business with email marketing.
Want to create, send and track email campaigns that attract and retain customers? Our Business Premium plan also includes Microsoft Connections, an easy-to-use email marketing tool.

All plans include

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
Shared online calendars
Unlimited email aliases
GoDaddy's award-winning 24/7 support
30-day money-back guarantee
Outlook web application
World-class data security and spam filtering
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