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The domain of tech professionals.

Let your expertise stand front and center. As an abbreviation for a software or web developer, .dev is one of the most essential terms in the tech sphere. And a .dev domain name leaves no doubt you’ve got the skills. It’s a simple yet effective calling card that shows you mean business, whether it’s on the front end or the back end.

What’s the deal with .dev?

.dev uses an abbreviation for the English term “development,” which refers to the process of creating software applications. The English mathematician Alan Turing is usually credited with coming up with the theory of software development, although the first software programs didn’t show up until the late 1940s. Those used binary code — instead of the programming languages we see today — which was built into mainframe computers. By the 1960s, however, as programming languages such as Fortran, COBOL and BASIC began to appear.

Today, .dev domains are more relevant than ever, as computing touches nearly every aspect of our lives. Everyday conveniences, such as refrigerators and even doorbells, gain enhanced functionality. We call this ever-expanding network the internet of Things (IoT). Artificial intelligence, too, has grown from the stuff of science fiction to a very real tool that’s been adopted by nearly every industry imaginable. All this has created a huge demand for development of the next great idea — and that’s why it’s such a smart move to buy .dev today.

Let them know you’re a dev.

For a long time, .dev was used specifically to create spaces for web developers to work their magic. They needed a way to keep the technology they tested in a completely separate online environment — and .dev worked like a charm. But today, .dev domains are a great fit for anyone who trades on technology. Businesses and individuals can use it to show expertise in:

  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Software engineering
  • Game development
  • Mobile applications
  • IT security

.dev could be a good fit even if you operate outside the tech world. Say you’re a construction developer known for big projects. Or you’re in charge of development for a charity, securing the vital funds that let them operate. Turns out .dev is pretty useful for lots of non-techy things in industries you might not have expected.

Because shorter and sweeter is better

When someone wants to know what you do, .dev let's you boil it down to three letters. With this specialized domain hooked to your brand, it saves a lot of clicking around for your visitors (and a lot of explaining for you). Your domain name will stand out in search results when potential clients are looking for a developer, and you’ll love .dev for the savvy and authority it adds to your reputation.

Register .dev before someone else does.

When inspiration strikes, move quick and register your .dev. Just like the Internet itself, the world of game, web and software development is becoming increasingly large and more competitive. You need to stand out from your competitors, and .dev is an awesome way to step into the spotlight. Claim your place today.

Please note, your .dev domain requires the installation of an SSL certificate to resolve correctly in browsers. If you use a .dev domain without SSL, it will not display for visitors.

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