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Discover Websites + MarketingExplore the full Websites + Marketing article list, watch videos or just set up your site
Compare or Change PlansCheck out the features for all four Websites + Marketing plans
Start with the basicsAdjust site’s colors, fonts, text styles, and link buttons or files — then publish
Add photos, video, audioUse multimedia to engage your site's visitors
Expand site with sections & pagesCustomize with more than 20 section types, then use pages and menus to organize everything
Change site-wide settingsChange profile, improve search rank, display ads, analyze site traffic, or add a favicon
Go beyond the basicsAdd a custom logo, set social media icons and links, use HTML code, share calendars, and display blogs
Working with blogsAdd a blog — or two or three. Create and manage posts, plus tailor content with categories.
Add appointments, members only pages & other servicesHelp customers make online appointments, create members-only pages, reserve tables, see menus or prices
Promote my siteAttract more customers with email campaigns or a Google business listing
Set up my storeAdd products and set sales, shipping choices, taxes, and payment methods